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2016 New 62-193 Exam Study Guides:
1.Demonstrate understanding of the Technology Literacy Goals described in the Competency Framework for Teachers (CFT) framework;
2.Demonstrate basic knowledge of how Information and Communication Tools (ICT) resources can support curriculum outcomes;
3.Use basic tools to support learning activities;
4.Organize and manage a standard classroom;
5.Use digital literacy tools to enhance professional performance;



General Overview
You are a physics/science teacher who often teaches material outside of your area of expertise.
The teachers at your school principally use a teacher-centered approach in their teaching.
Some of the teachers have started to move toward a learner-centered approach and have adopted project- based learning.
The teachers rarely attend professional development courses.
Organizational Goals
The school aims to have ICT integrated into all subjects’ teaching and learning through project-based learning in the classroom.
Most of the classrooms in the school contain a computer and a data projector. The school management motivates teachers to integrate ICT during their lessons.
The school furthermore plans to deploy 100 wireless laptop computers that will include student response systems. The school also plans to deploy interactive whiteboards in all of the science classrooms/ laboratories.
Learning and Teaching Environment
Your students are between the ages of 12 and 14. Most of them have experience using computers and other technologies. You regularly use ICT to achieve learning objectives and to present new information to the students.
You teach primarily in a classroom dedicated to science (science laboratory). The classroom also contains the following Information and Communication Technology (ICT) resources:
– Speakers
– One printer
– One scanner
– One digital camera
– One data projector
– One computer that is connected to the Internet
Learning Objectives
The students will be able to develop collaboration, communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity skills in their science work.
Professional Development Objectives
Your professional development objectives are to:
– use ICT effectively for teaching and learning;
– incorporate appropriate ICT activities into lesson plans so as to support students’ acquisition of school subject matter knowledge; and
– integrate the use of ICT into the curriculum.

You want to motivate the school to invest in ICT resources.
The reason must be based on the ICT Competency Framework for Teachers (ICT-CFT).
Which argument should you use?

A.    to become the best equipped school in your region.
B.    to improve local economic conditions.
C.    to give the students in your school access to a range of resources and learning experiences.
D.    to meet the expectations of the students and the parents.

Answer: C

The school recently implemented the planned ICT changes and deployed laptops in your classroom. Some of the laptops can access to the Internet, while others cannot.
You want to ensure that all of the laptops can access the Internet.
What should you verify?

A.    the wired network connection of the laptops
B.    the wireless network connection of the laptops
C.    whether the Internet router is on
D.    whether the laptops are plugged into a power outlet

Answer: B

You are teaching a biology class on the human nervous system. One of the students asks a question that is beyond your knowledge. Based on the current ICT resources in the classroom, which resource should you use to answer the question as quickly as possible during the lesson?

A.    Email
B.    a search engine
C.    a blog
D.    the online educators’ community

Answer: B

The school plans to deploy six of the planned laptops in each classroom.
You were asked to recommend a solution that enables each student to use the laptops as part of a group project.
What should you recommend?

A.    Make your classroom available to students at lunchtime and after school.
B.    Have all the groups first plan their project, and then book timeslots for computer use.
C.    Assign one computer to each group.
D.    Let students from any group use any of the computers as needed.

Answer: C

You want to explain how the planned ICT changes will most benefit your own productivity?
Which benefit should you refer to?

A.    You will be able to access professional development resources.
B.    You will be able to communicate with the parents more often.
C.    You will be able to produce better lesson plans.
D.    You will be able to use online tools for formative assessments.

Answer: C

You have to meet the professional development objectives by using the ICT resources.
What should you do?

A.    Use a laptop to take notes during professional seminars at a local university or college.
B.    Join online educator networks to exchange ideas.
C.    Create a blog and ask the students to comment on your lessons and your blog posts.
D.    Download ready-made materials to use during your lessons.

Answer: D

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