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You add 20 new fields to the Lead entity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
You also add these fields to the Account record.
You use the Generate Field Mappings feature to create the mappings between the Lead and the Account.
Which two options does Dynamics CRM check to create the mappings? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.

A.    field types
B.    schema names
C.    display names
D.    values on option sets

Answer: AB

You want to customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM by adding several former vendors from the account as well as the time span of the business relation between the account and these vendors.
What should you do?

A.    Add an N:N-relation between accounts and competitors.
B.    Add a manual N:N-relation between accounts and competitors, and remove the Name property of the manual intersect entity.
C.    Create a connection role named former vendor, and ensure the competitor and account record type are selected.
D.    Add an N:l-relation between accounts and competitors.

Answer: B

You are creating a custom event entity to track trade shows.
You want to associate multiple accounts with multiple events, and you want to store additional field values about the account’s involvement in the event, such as number of attendees from the account. How should you configure this relationship in Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

A.    Create a native N:N relationship between account and event Add the additional fields to the account entity.
B.    Create a manual N:N relationship between account and event. Add the additional fields to the relationship entity.
C.    Create a 1;N relationship between event and account Add the additional fields to the event entity.
D.    Create a native N:N relationship between account and event Add the additional fields to the event entity.

Answer: B

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you create a custom Event entity tor storing events and a custom Event Type entity for storing possible Event Types for events.
You want to store one or more of these Event Types in an Event.
What should you create?

A.    a native N:N relationship between Event and Event Type
B.    a Lookup attribute in the Event entity
C.    a Multiple Lines of Text attribute in the Event entity
D.    an Option Set attribute in the Event entity

Answer: B

You create a connection from Account1 to Account2 and select Referred To as the role.
You want the connection from Account2 to say Referred From.
What should you do?

A.    Modify the Connection Role for Referred To so that it can only be between the record type of Account.
B.    Create workflow that will create a matching Connection with the Role of Referred From whenever a new Referred To connection is created.
C.    Modify the Connection Role for Referred To, and add a new matching connection role named Referred From that also applies to the Account.
D.    Create a dialog that the user must run to create the Connection, which prompts the user to enter both sides of the connection role.

Answer: C

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