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Exam Code: 70-480
Exam Name Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3
Certification Provider: Microsoft
Corresponding Certifications: MCSD, MCSD: SharePoint Applications, MCSD: Web Applications, MCSD: Windows Store Apps, Microsoft Specialist: Visual Studio

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You are developing an application that analyzes population data for major cities in the United States.
The application retrieves population statistics for a city by using a web service.
You need to request data from the web service by using jQuery.
Which code segment should you use?

A.    Option A
B.    Option B
C.    Option C
D.    Option D

Answer: D

You develop a web application by using jQuery.
You develop the following jQuery code: (Line numbers are included for reference only.)

The web application exposes a RESTful web API that has an endpoint of/product/create.
You need to create a new product by using AJAX.
Which code segment should you insert at line 05?

A.    Option A
B.    Option B
C.    Option C
D.    Option D

Answer: D

You are modifying a blog site to improve search engine readability.
You need to group relevant page content together to maximize search engine readability.
Which tag should you use?

A.    <article>
B.    <span>
C.    <tbody>
D.    <cd>

Answer: A
How the Changes in HTML 5 Will Affect SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?
As a SEO expert, you are most likely interested mainly in those changes in the HTML 5 specification, which will affect your work.
Here is one of them:
A new <article> tag. The new <article> tag is probably the best addition from a SEO point of view. The <article> tag allows to mark separate entries in an online publication, such as a blog or a magazine.
It is expected that when articles are marked with the <article> tag, this will make the HTML code cleaner because it will reduce the need to use <div> tags.
Also, probably search engines will put more weight on the text inside the <article> tag as compared to the contents on the other parts of the page.

Drag and Drop Question
You are developing a shared library to format information.
The library contains a method named _private.
The _private method must never be called directly from outside of the shared library.
You need to implement an API for the shared library.
How should you complete the relevant code? (Develop the solution by selecting the required code segments and arranging them in the correct order. You may not need all of the code segments.)


You develop an HTML application that contains a table that displays a list of products.
The table is defined with the following HTML markup:

You must style the table to look like the following image:

You need to implement the CSS selectors to select the rows that must have a blue background.
Which CSS selector should you use?

A.    thead:only-child, tbody:after, table:before
B.    tr [line |-0, 1, 3]
C.    tr:first-of-type, tr:last-of-type
D.    tr:first-line, tr:last-child

Answer: C
The :first-of-type selector matches every element that is the first child, of a particular type, of its parent.
Here the first line of table.
The :last-of-type pseudo-class represents an element that is the last sibling of its type in the list
of children of its parent element.

You develop a webpage by using HTML5.
You create the following markup:
<input type “url” name= “website” required=”required” />
You need to ensure that the value that the user enters contains a secure URL.
What should you do?

A.    Add the following attribute to the input tag: value=”https://v
B.    Add the following attribute to the input tag: pattern=”https://.+”
C.    Add the following attribute to the input tag: value=”ssl”
D.    Add the following attribute to the input tag: itemtype=”https”

Answer: B
– The pattern attribute is supported in Internet Explorer 10, Firefox, Opera, and Chrome.
– The pattern attribute specifies a regular expression that the <input> element’s value is checked against.
– The pattern attribute works with the following input types: text, search, url, tel, email, and password

You develop a webpage by using HTML5.
You create the following markup and code: (Line numbers are included for reference only.)

You need to ensure that the values that users enter are only numbers, letters, and underscores, regardless of the order.
Which code segment should you insert at line 04?

A.    Option A
B.    Option B
C.    Option C
D.    Option D

Answer: A
Sometimes situations arise when user should fill a single or more than one fields with alphabet characters (A-Z or a-z) in a HTML form.
You can write a JavaScript form validation script to check whether the required field(s) in the HTML form contains only letters.
– See more at:
Javascript function to check for all letters in a field view plainprint?
function allLetter(inputtxt)
var letters = /^[A-Za-z]+$/;
return true;
return false;
To get a string contains only letters (both uppercase or lowercase) we use a regular expression (/^[A-Za-z]+$/) which allows only letters. Next the match() method of string object is used to match the said regular expression against the input value.
Here is the complete web document.
– See more at:

On which panel can you see a hierarchically structured view of the DOM?

A.    Live DOM
B.    Projects
C.    Assets
D.    Device

Answer: A

Hotspot Question
You develop an interactive scalable vector graphics (SVG) application.
You write the following HTML markup that makes a rectangle rotate:

You need to control the speed of the rotating rectangle.
How should you complete the relevant code? (To answer, select the appropriate option from each drop-down list in the answer area.)


Which panel can you use to access a list of the HTML elements, controls, and media that can be added to an HTML page that is open in the artboard?

A.    Projects
B.    Assets
C.    Device
D.    Live DOM

Answer: B

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